Cloud Encryption

Security is one of 5 pillars of the Well-Architected framework, it can archive by applying best practices and principals in IAM, Encryption, Complician, and Governance. Of course, best practices aren’t enough, you need to learn more. In this post, I only share our best practices and tip when working with AWS SSM Parameter Store. By sharing our best practices, my hope is to encourage you to build and deploy secure and reliable applications and also giving us your feedback.

As you know, AWS Lambda supports native environment variables, you can easy to define and add any environment variables you want during deployment or change on the AWS Console Management. But using native environment variables contains some disadvantages:

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Serverless Plugins Vscode

We are using the  Serverless framework for a couple of years and building a lot of applications. So I wanted to summarize and provide a brief description of some plugins that our team is using every day. I am not sure it is good for you, if you have any recommendations, just let us know.

If you haven’t yet checked out this list of Serverless Framework plugins, you’re missing out. Or you can read this post for a short version.

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Don’t build it again if someone else already built it and open-sourced it for you.”. It’s free to use and the community support that revolves around building, fixing, and maintenance.

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Puppeteer on AWS Fargate

Recently our team has been working on a project with data crawling from various sites for pricing comparison. Our team has selected Puppeteer to implement. We have successfully built and delivered this solution to our customer, so I would like to write this article to share and provide some outlines steps to help you set up and have a try. I hope you enjoy it!

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